OSISTERS_ chien a plumes


Electro-Soul-World / Fr-Us


Missill reviens avec un nouveau projet. Cette année, cette figure-clé de la scène breakbeat hexagonale présente « O’Sisters », création féminine, engagée et collective  mêlant electro, soul, funk et world dans un show extrêmement visuel.

Assurément une fin de soirée pour bouger son corps 😉

O’sisters is a collective of female members only, who is getting bigger every day, full of beautiful and talented sisters from all over the world singing, dancing and performing with their heart to spread positive messages through their mutual music, so women in the whole world can push their own boundaries and reach they dreams.
The O’Sisters is a female empowering movement. The O’6 are taking care of each other for their mantra is: Queen sister first! – For every woman in this world is a queen sister!
O’sisters is a spirit of solidarity: we empower and push each other for success in life.